Why youth anxiety is on the rise

anxiety disorder

There has been an alarming rise in youth anxiety in the past decade or so. This is prominent among teenagers. More parents and schools are forced to take their kids to therapy. One psychotherapist, college lecturer says that this is the reason people of all ages visit her for counseling.

Whatever the reasons, here are a few that we feel have highly contributed to this rise lately.

Reasons why there is an increase in anxiety experienced by the youth

Parents giving undeserved praise

Growing up, it was very hard to get a “thank you” or even a “good job” from my parents. These days, kids even demand that praise. And after reading parenting books about praise, some parents give it aimlessly to their kids while they are small even when they don’t deserve it. As they grow up and the parents stop the praises, the teens start feeling like they are not being given enough attention and appreciation – hence the youth anxiety.

Electronic distractions and lack of outdoor play time  

disengaged teens

Everyone is hiding behind the smartphones and video games. Kids are used to them that they don’t have time to go outside and mingle with their peers. Parents hand them to their kids so that the kids stop disturbing them. So bad behavior these days is rewarded with smartphones. Parents are also absorbed in them that they don’t even notice when there is some behavioral changes in their kids. So when they are in school where they are not allowed to use them, they find it hard to cope with any emotions they have. These gadgets have made kids lack the emotional skills required to cope with life.

Parents have contributed to youth anxiety by protecting as opposed to guiding

Parents these days are so protective of their children. Even when a kid is punished in school, a parent will rush there and complain or even sue the school. This makes the kids grow up knowing that they are always right. So anytime they find a teacher who picks up on them because of bad behavior, they feel as though the teacher is being unfair and just likes to pick on them.

Tips for having the same sex discussion with your parents

Same sex discussion
Same sex discussion

Coming out as a gay, lesbian or bisexual can be a very difficult experience, some of the people take many years to accept their sexual orientation.
Many people need to understand that pretending to be someone else is not the solution and someday you will be required to come out of the closet.
Let’s discuss the right ways to make people aware of your sexuality in a planned manner.

Come out when you are not pressured

Everyone should come out in their own time, if you still feel the pressure of people yelling at you then it’s not the right time for you. Coming out is all about you, it’s about your freedom to sexual preferences.

Same sex discussion

Timing is important

So you have decided to come out about your sexual preferences, but the timing of your announcement if important.

The right time is when your family is in the right mindset, maybe you just had a good dinner together or just spent quality time; right timing will make them understand you in a better way.

Start with one person

If you belong to the orthodox family then it might not be a good choice to come out in public, instead, start with one person.

Select the most supportive member of the family or just share it with your best friend, so that you will get the courage to discuss the matter in front of someone. You can either come out in front of your mother, sibling, father or any other member who understands you best. That one person is going to support you and will convince others to support you.

Stay calm, no matter what.

Be ready for your family to be angry, family members will be in shock and might behave differently. You need to understand the importance of staying calm and be ready for the intense discussion session.

Keep your cool and know your federal rights.  

Give them some time

Even you had years to get comfortable with being gay, lesbian or bisexual, then why are you expecting them to understand you immediately? Give people some time to digest the reality.

Know when and how to exit

It’s a real fact that many families are not going to welcome the news straight after you come out. Realize when its right time to make the exit from the argument, it’s important to let people know that you are at a stage of life where you don’t really care what everybody is thinking about you.  

Some great tips for first date success

tips for first date

tips for first date

Dating has become a fast-paced game, while most of the couples meet through the online dating sites it has become more important to have the best impression on the first date.

Since your first date is going to be the deciding factor of your dating life, let’s go through important tips that will help you achieve success.  

Be on time

First and foremost thing that you need to take care of is to be on time, being late on a date is a instant turn-off. Being on time describes your interest and sincerity in meeting the person. Try to reach before the time at least 5-10 minute.

Plan the venue

This is something most of the guys ignore, they take their date on the random place and ruin everything.

Planning plays an important part in the success of the first date, how to plan the venue of date.

  • Know about the interest of person you are about to meet.
  • If she is a fitness freak then you can plan a hiking trip, if she loves party then plan a date at some decent bar.
  • My best suggestion to have the first date is a coffee bar, it’s a perfect place to spark some interesting communication.
  • Plan a place which is quite, it allows you to have a detailed conversation without any disturbance.

Dress to impress

Don’t take your dressing for granted, you are going on your first date with someone, never wear a casual cloth.

Put your best outfit on the display, wear some nice cologne, trim your facial hairs, wear a nice pair of shoes that complement your outfit.

tips for first date

Buy a small gift

Buying a gift is a old school gesture which will never get old. It’s not about the cost of the gift; it’s about your antiquate.

You can either buy some flower or something cute.

Maintain sexual tension

We are not asking you to grope her, instead maintain good eye contact and attractive body language. Men who master the technique of creating sexual tension are more likely to succeed in their first date.


Do some research before you go on a date, a few things that you can talk about. Many dates end with an awkward silence because you have nothing to talk about. Research about her education, likes, dislikes, and then initiate the conversation.

My favorite way to keep the conversation going is having a rapid-fire round, this allows you to know each other better in a friendly way.

Post date communication

Post date communication is very important, let her know how you felt about her and anything you want to say.

No communication after the date will give her the idea that you didn’t really like her company.

What do men find attractive in women

dining in Cypru

Guys have their own definition of attractive girls and it’s really difficult to predict the exact things that will attract a lot of men.

Let’s talk about some of the common personality traits that guys find attractive. While men preferences have changed a lot and you should update yourself with the personality traits that most of the men find attractive.  

Physical symmetry:

One thing that most of the women are not concerned about is the physical symmetry, most of the women are concerned about the fat% and curviness but one thing that you should definitely be concerned about it the symmetry of your body.

For example, long women require two develop better curves to look symmetrical and shorter girls are required to develop less curvy body and should concentrate on the overall toned body. Body symmetry has a psychological effect on the first impression.

dining in Cypru

Genuine personality:

Today, people are more inclined towards social media platforms and they pretend to live someone else’s life, but most of the men still appreciate the women with genuine personality. Most of the men won’t care about the number of followers you have on Instagram.  


Red is a color of seduction and has been scientifically proven to be aphrodisiac.  

Its been proven that men are naturally attracted towards women wearing red, so forget about wearing those short dresses instead concentrate on wearing something stunningly red to attract many eyeballs.

How you take care of yourself

If you know how to take care of yourself and how to get your shit done then congratulations you are eligible to attract any guy.

Guys love to date confident women who don’t believe in throwing tantrums but the women who believe in taking responsibility and support her man.

Adventure is not just for men

Adventure isn’t just for men, a survey conducted by dating website gave some stunning results, they found that women who mentioned some adventurous hobbies in their profile bio and pictures were more likely to get more matches.

This is simply because of the adventurous behavior of men, men love to hang out with women who are not afraid to do crazy things with them.   

dining in Cypru


Confidence is one of the sexiest personality trait men find in women, although there are some men who like to dominate women, yet most of the women love to be with confident women.

You don’t need to be perfect

Imperfection is beautiful and you need to understand this, real men don’t want you to be perfect. Stay what you are and display your real character, this is the best way to find someone who can get into a long-term relationship with you.

Tips on how you can fix your relationship when things aren’t going great

stale relationship

How can you fix your relationship that you feel has become stale and routine?

The thing with all relationships is that people usually have their highs and lows. In the beginning, it’s all fiery and full of chemistry. But once people start getting to know each other better, they tend to get comfortable. And then the spark goes.

Usually, one of the partners realizes this. And once you do, you need to talk to each other and find ways to make things better.

Tips on improving your relationship.

Spend time apart with friends

girls night out

If you are spending too much time together and have realized that you are feeling a bit crowded, the best remedy to fix your relationship is to try spending some time apart with friends that you don’t share. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want to spend time together. It helps because you will have different experiences that you can share when together. Plus, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Spice things up in the bedroom

The bedroom is where things start going south. In fact, the bedroom is what makes people realize that there is something wrong with the relationship. Try new things. Role play, bondage, sex toys, planning a sex rendezvous at some cheap motel… All these are things that can bring that spark back. The trick here is to move away from your comfort zone.

Get out of town and away on a weekend getaway to fix your relationship

couple traveling

Sometimes, being in the same environment every day with someone can also dampen a relationship. As a couple, you need to move away from what you are used to and share some new experiences. Plan a weekend away. Get out of town and enjoy some quality time together

You don’t need to break the bank. Just get away from your day to day activities.

Talk to each other

Communication is very important. Sit down and come up with a game plan on how to make things better. Try discussing why things are going wrong. And you can’t fix things yourselves, seek the help of a professional.

What do women find attractive in a man

What do women find attractive? There so many things women look for in a man. Besides the looks and all, there are some inner qualities that women are drawn to. They will always look for these in a man.

Qualities that women are looking for in a man.


body builderWhat women look for is a man who shows strength. This can be both physical and emotional. The thing is, every woman wants a man he can rely on. We all need that shoulder to lean on. This is the reason why women find inner strength attractive.


Kindness is such an attractive quality. Who wants to be with an unkind person who ends up disrespecting you. Plus a kind man is a very selfless person. He will put your needs first and do whatever he can just to make you happy.


The one thing a man can do is to show his loyalty by being there for his woman.  Now loyal men usually show commitment to a relationship. A loyal man is a loving man and will always be there for his woman no matter what.


What do women find attractive in a sincere man? A sincere man is an honest man. This is the person who will always be true and tell you the truth. He will be open about everything. Be it about the relationship or finances. This is the kind of person you can trust their word.

What do women find attractive? Faithfulness

unfaithful manJust meeting a man doesn’t make you figure out that he is faithful. This, however, is something you can pinpoint. Did he give you all the attention you deserve when he met you? Were his eyes only on you or did he just come to you because someone else turned him down? Always go with your instincts as a woman.


Sometimes you just have to let go of the ones you love

break up

While couples counseling is important, sometimes you have to let go of a relationship.

When love into play, it can be hard to let go. It becomes even harder when you have been with someone for a long term. You develop ties that can’t be hard to cut off. But what if the relationship reaches a point where it’s detrimental or toxic.

See, most of the time the fear of moving on or being alone makes us hold on. You might be feeling that you have invested too much into the relationship to just let it all go away. Well, that isn’t a good mentality. See, the longer you keep holding on, the more time you keep wasting. Plus, being in a toxic relationship can be so draining. It will eat you up bit by bit. It’s time to toughen it up and take that step!

Why sometimes you have to let go

1. Abusive person

abusive spouse

If you are in a relationship with an abusive person, whether its verbal or physical, you need to rethink the whole relationship. It is not going to get any better. You will only be left physical and emotional scars. Violent behavior should never be excused.

2. Infidelity

Once someone abuses your trust and sleeps with someone else, whatever their excuse, you just have to break up with them. Rebuilding trust isn’t easy. You will forever be insecure in such a relationship. Plus, they never loved you enough to keep it in their pants anyway…

3. No physical attraction

Sometimes you have to let go because things are not the same. You might be loving this person but there is no physical attraction. You feel nothing even when they touch you. If the chemistry is completely gone, and you have done all you can to resuscitate it in no vain, let go…

Key Factors To Ensure That Your Relationship Remains A Successful One

successful relationship

A healthy relationship is a key to successful life. When you are in a healthy and successful relationship life gets easier and seems like more fun.

But to transform your normal relationship into a successful relationship both the partners will be required to show understanding and invest considerable amount time and efforts to establish a stronger bond. let’s explore the most important components to ensure healthy and successful relationship.


Beauty is going to fade away but respect is forever, build respect for each other for long-lasting relation.

Respect is a key factor in any successful relationship, learn to appreciate what your partner does for you and develop a deep sense of respect for all the sacrifices he/she made for you.


Once there is a mutual respect within the relationship then comes the understanding.

When you respect someone from the bottom of heart you don’t question them, you try to understand them for their act of conduct.


After gaining some understanding there comes a sense of equality, you can’t respect and understand someone who you don’t consider equal to yourself.

If you bring food to the table and she manages the whole house and your children, she deserves to be respected.

People who consider themselves superior to their partner mostly get their relationship ruined.

Alone time

Alone time is important, so you have learned to respect, understand each other, now its time to spend some alone time together.

Spending alone time builds a stronger bond and makes you better understand your partner.successful relationship

Share Yourself

You need to let your partner know about your dreams, fears and future plans. That’s the only way you can make her understand you better and support you in your doings.


Good communication is a key to a healthy relationship, communication helps in curing many problems like any misunderstanding

Being a good listener

You cant have good communication in the absence of good listening capabilities. Why is good listening habits important? If you can’t listen to her expectation then there is no chance of fulfilling them.


Respecting each other is good and maintaining a good communication is good as well but one thing that you need to take care of is providing your partner descent amount of space.

Human is a social animal and maintaining a good social relationship is an important aspect of psychological development and lowering stress levels.


The couple who work together stays together, working as a team help you develop a support system where you can rely on each other at the time of downfall.

Stay calm and patient

Staying calm is one of the most important aspects of the relationship. Anger solves nothing, it builds nothing but destroys everything.

Building your relationship to ensure it stays fresh and exciting!

happy interracial couple

Remember those first days in a relationship where everything seems so magical and sprinkled with glitter? Yeah, if you are some time in the relationship now that may indeed be a memory. The sprinkles of glitter have dried and the magic is starting to wear off? Well, here are some ways you can keep your relationship fresh and recover all that glitter and magic.

Use your phone!

Messages are a part of our daily lives. For sure. Why not use those messages to send some snippets of love? Try sending a text saying “I love you”, or “I miss you”. If you are an emoji user (like me) just send a heart emoji or a heart-eyed emoji. Or even a picture of you with a kissy face or something else – it’s up to you! Refreshing your day with a loving message is always nice but yet, it’s something many of us don’t utilise that often.

Do something! Together.

Find something new to add to your every-day life and do it with your partner. Maybe go to the gym, or try out some cooking classes together, plan weekly road trips etc. There are plenty of activities a couple could do to spend some more time together. This will create some together time besides the time you guys had already, but also this will allow both parties of the relationship to make some time for each other. Life is getting faster as time goes by and many of us forget to make time for our loved ones. A more committed approach to activities you can do as a couple will allow you both to plan ahead and make some time for each other. Another thing you could do as a couple that would bring you back together is try to create goals that you can achieve together. That will make you feel an obligation to strive towards a goal. For example, set a goal to live healthier and exercise together. Once you achieve that goal, celebrate together!

Think about your relationship once in a while.

Relationships can be fun and all that but it is also important to take some things seriously. For example there needs to be mutual commitment from both parties for a relationship to survive and be healthy. Just keep in mind that somethings such as living together, contributing to the household, money, and things vital to the relationships such as children and sex and all of that are things you always need to think about. Both parties need to be thinking about these.

Relationships are wonderful and it is one of the things that keep the world going. So, keeping your relationship alive and fresh is one of the best things you can do as a couple and definitely worth the effort.


Internet has introduced so many things to our lives. One of the things it brought to life is the opportunity to date online! Online dating has been around for some time now and it has evolved over the years. Nowadays it is more accepted than ever to have an online dating profile and searching for people to date online. Especially within the younger demographic. Since online dating has evolved and flourished, there are now ways to make the most out of online dating.

Be the most authentic you can be.

In a positive way, present yourself online as you would present yourself offline. Your dating profile is the first thing people online learn about you. That means that the information and the pictures you have on there are super important to the success of your online dating life.

Having a good picture on online dating websites is vital to your online dating profile. A simple smiling picture can go a long way. Imagine what you would want to show the people looking for your profile the first time. A great picture that shows your face and positivity since that is going to be the first thing of you that they will see.

In addition to the picture you will put on your profile for people to see, you will also have to boot some things in your bio as well. Imagine this section as the most important information about you that people should know. A good description of yourself can be the best way for people to

engage and start a conversation with you. It is a way for people to get to know an overview of yourself and give them the chance to feel free to send you a message to feel good being approached by you.

Be careful!

Just keep in mind that some information are better kept private. It is good to meet people online and very easy, but it is nevertheless still the internet! Be careful what you share with people online. For example, never share your phone when you meet people online. Imagine how important your phone is to you and ow bad it would be for a stranger to know your personal phone number.

Don’t give up

There are tons of people looking for another person online and the chance of finding the perfect person that fits the description you are looking for is very small. Just remember not to get discouraged when it doesn’t work out with one, or two or ten people at first. If you keep trying you may come across a person that is what you were looking for.

How to spend a lovely weekend with your other half

happy couple

Many times, couple that visit therapists complain about the lack of option when it comes to doing something with their other half. As a fact, there are many types of research available that back this up. Many times, you feel like there is nothing available to do to entertain yourself. However, that’s not the case. It is just the routine making things feel boring.

I decided to create this guide to help other couples that may struggle with this. Therefore, these are our suggestions:

Buy a new gadget

Buying a new gadget can be a pleasant experience in a relationship. Just make sure to buy something that both can use. A friendly couple recently bought a new hookah – one of the best hookahs available on the market. Since they got it they are hooked on it. Be careful, shisha or hookah can be harmful to your health. Therefore, if you are not smoking find something else that can entertain you. Some other suggestions can be tablets, tv boxes, scooters etc.

Unplug together

electric socket

Working and event entertainment require us to be connected to our “smart” devices 24/7. Taking some time to unplug could be beneficial. If you feel burned out then this is our best suggestion to you. But, you have to commit to this commitment. Unplug means to leave your electronic devices at home. If you cannot leave them at home (because of children, family or in case of emergency) make sure to keep your promise and don’t use them for random stuff like scrolling down on your newsfeed.

Take a short/long trip

Taking a short or even a longer trip is beneficial. The benefits of traveling are countless and so the benefits of it in your relationship. Couples that travel often together tend to have better communication and a lot of other benefits such as sexual relationships as this survey claims.

Another benefit of taking short or long trips with your husband or wife is that the couple’s sense of humor and taste is built together. Also, traveling encourages mindful lives.

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