You might think that finding the right support would be easy. After all, there are coaches, counsellors and therapists seemingly everywhere – but, believe it or not, in the UK anyone can call themselves a psychotherapist or a counsellor – and practise. Without qualifications, without insurance and without supervision.

So the truth is that finding a therapist or counsellor IS easy! But finding theĀ right one for you?

Different story.

And that’s why the Juliet Grayson Network was created.

We’re here to help connect you with locally-based, qualified, experienced, responsible psychotherapists and counsellors, even helping you to find practitioners with particular areas of expertise and experience.

Of course, the best way is through a personal recommendation, and because Juliet is not only a qualified and experienced therapist but also a trainer, supervisor and speaker, she has a wide network of therapists where she can indeed give a personal endorsement.

But it would be wrong to limit the scope of the network to people Juliet knows personally. So here on this site we aim to provide a level of validation to help reassure you that the therapists or counsellors you discover here are professional, effective and accountable.