Remember those first days in a relationship where everything seems so magical and sprinkled with glitter? Yeah, if you are some time in the relationship now that may indeed be a memory. The sprinkles of glitter have dried and the magic is starting to wear off? Well, here are some ways you can keep your relationship fresh and recover all that glitter and magic.

Use your phone!

Messages are a part of our daily lives. For sure. Why not use those messages to send some snippets of love? Try sending a text saying “I love you”, or “I miss you”. If you are an emoji user (like me) just send a heart emoji or a heart-eyed emoji. Or even a picture of you with a kissy face or something else – it’s up to you! Refreshing your day with a loving message is always nice but yet, it’s something many of us don’t utilise that often.

Do something! Together.

Find something new to add to your every-day life and do it with your partner. Maybe go to the gym, or try out some cooking classes together, plan weekly road trips etc. There are plenty of activities a couple could do to spend some more time together. This will create some together time besides the time you guys had already, but also this will allow both parties of the relationship to make some time for each other. Life is getting faster as time goes by and many of us forget to make time for our loved ones. A more committed approach to activities you can do as a couple will allow you both to plan ahead and make some time for each other. Another thing you could do as a couple that would bring you back together is try to create goals that you can achieve together. That will make you feel an obligation to strive towards a goal. For example, set a goal to live healthier and exercise together. Once you achieve that goal, celebrate together!

Think about your relationship once in a while.

Relationships can be fun and all that but it is also important to take some things seriously. For example there needs to be mutual commitment from both parties for a relationship to survive and be healthy. Just keep in mind that somethings such as living together, contributing to the household, money, and things vital to the relationships such as children and sex and all of that are things you always need to think about. Both parties need to be thinking about these.

Relationships are wonderful and it is one of the things that keep the world going. So, keeping your relationship alive and fresh is one of the best things you can do as a couple and definitely worth the effort.


Internet has introduced so many things to our lives. One of the things it brought to life is the opportunity to date online! Online dating has been around for some time now and it has evolved over the years. Nowadays it is more accepted than ever to have an online dating profile and searching for people to date online. Especially within the younger demographic. Since online dating has evolved and flourished, there are now ways to make the most out of online dating.

Be the most authentic you can be.

In a positive way, present yourself online as you would present yourself offline. Your dating profile is the first thing people online learn about you. That means that the information and the pictures you have on there are super important to the success of your online dating life.

Having a good picture on online dating websites is vital to your online dating profile. A simple smiling picture can go a long way. Imagine what you would want to show the people looking for your profile the first time. A great picture that shows your face and positivity since that is going to be the first thing of you that they will see.

In addition to the picture you will put on your profile for people to see, you will also have to boot some things in your bio as well. Imagine this section as the most important information about you that people should know. A good description of yourself can be the best way for people to

engage and start a conversation with you. It is a way for people to get to know an overview of yourself and give them the chance to feel free to send you a message to feel good being approached by you.

Be careful!

Just keep in mind that some information are better kept private. It is good to meet people online and very easy, but it is nevertheless still the internet! Be careful what you share with people online. For example, never share your phone when you meet people online. Imagine how important your phone is to you and ow bad it would be for a stranger to know your personal phone number.

Don’t give up

There are tons of people looking for another person online and the chance of finding the perfect person that fits the description you are looking for is very small. Just remember not to get discouraged when it doesn’t work out with one, or two or ten people at first. If you keep trying you may come across a person that is what you were looking for.