Not all relationships last long. This is not only the case in short-term relationships but also in long-term relationships. Both men and women, at one point, can end a relationship. The most difficult break up of all is the break up of a serious and long-run relationship.

There are many reasons why relationships just fall apart in the end. But what if you still love him or her? You would want to get back together with your ex. But, you fear that it will just not end well again or it will not work. Can relationships work after break-up? Actually, it can. Here is how to make a relationship work after a breakup.

emotional woman#1 – Control Your Emotions

If your goal is to get your ex back, then begging him or her is not going to work. Being desperate, sad and angry will push him or her away. It is better to keep the crying and rollercoaster of emotions to yourself.

#2 – Give Him or Her Space

After the breakup, give him or her space. Do not call him or her. Do not communicate or look for him or her. The post breaks up will give him or her the time to think about your relationship and even doubt his or her decision of splitting from you. Bothering him or her will only solidify the reasons for your break up.

woman using computer#3 – Act Normal

Do not let the misery of your break up control your whole life. Show to the world that life goes on without him or her. Act like the break up did not affect the other aspect of your life. By doing this, you will make your ex think that you are fine without him.

#4 – Be Indifferent But Happy

If you ever meet each other, you can act like he or she is just another stranger. If he or she talks to you then just say “hi” then go. If he or she is with his or her new love interest, then pull out the “I’m happy for you” card with a very bright smile. By doing this, your ex will feel really bothered.

sad man thinking#5 – Have a Strategic Plan

If your ex comes up to you and says that he or she wants to get back with you too, then set strategic plan. You have to make sure that the reasons that made you split will not resurface the second time around. Make sure to always be open with each other and no more lies. You must also practice commitment to rebuild the trust. Most of all, take it slowly but surely.

If all of these steps were done successfully, you will surely get the magic back in your relationship. The break up just only made your relationship stronger and even better than before. However, if one or more of these tips did not go as plan, it is best to just let it go. Not all relationships can be rekindled. Just know that if this relationship did not work, there will always be something better in store for you.