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Why youth anxiety is on the rise

anxiety disorder

There has been an alarming rise in youth anxiety in the past decade or so. This is prominent among teenagers. More parents and schools are forced to take their kids to therapy. One psychotherapist, college lecturer says that this is the reason people of all ages visit her for counseling.

Whatever the reasons, here are a few that we feel have highly contributed to this rise lately.

Reasons why there is an increase in anxiety experienced by the youth

Parents giving undeserved praise

Growing up, it was very hard to get a “thank you” or even a “good job” from my parents. These days, kids even demand that praise. And after reading parenting books about praise, some parents give it aimlessly to their kids while they are small even when they don’t deserve it. As they grow up and the parents stop the praises, the teens start feeling like they are not being given enough attention and appreciation – hence the youth anxiety.

Electronic distractions and lack of outdoor play time  

disengaged teens

Everyone is hiding behind the smartphones and video games. Kids are used to them that they don’t have time to go outside and mingle with their peers. Parents hand them to their kids so that the kids stop disturbing them. So bad behavior these days is rewarded with smartphones. Parents are also absorbed in them that they don’t even notice when there is some behavioral changes in their kids. So when they are in school where they are not allowed to use them, they find it hard to cope with any emotions they have. These gadgets have made kids lack the emotional skills required to cope with life.

Parents have contributed to youth anxiety by protecting as opposed to guiding

Parents these days are so protective of their children. Even when a kid is punished in school, a parent will rush there and complain or even sue the school. This makes the kids grow up knowing that they are always right. So anytime they find a teacher who picks up on them because of bad behavior, they feel as though the teacher is being unfair and just likes to pick on them.

Tips for having the same sex discussion with your parents

Same sex discussion
Same sex discussion

Coming out as a gay, lesbian or bisexual can be a very difficult experience, some of the people take many years to accept their sexual orientation.
Many people need to understand that pretending to be someone else is not the solution and someday you will be required to come out of the closet.
Let’s discuss the right ways to make people aware of your sexuality in a planned manner.

Come out when you are not pressured

Everyone should come out in their own time, if you still feel the pressure of people yelling at you then it’s not the right time for you. Coming out is all about you, it’s about your freedom to sexual preferences.

Same sex discussion

Timing is important

So you have decided to come out about your sexual preferences, but the timing of your announcement if important.

The right time is when your family is in the right mindset, maybe you just had a good dinner together or just spent quality time; right timing will make them understand you in a better way.

Start with one person

If you belong to the orthodox family then it might not be a good choice to come out in public, instead, start with one person.

Select the most supportive member of the family or just share it with your best friend, so that you will get the courage to discuss the matter in front of someone. You can either come out in front of your mother, sibling, father or any other member who understands you best. That one person is going to support you and will convince others to support you.

Stay calm, no matter what.

Be ready for your family to be angry, family members will be in shock and might behave differently. You need to understand the importance of staying calm and be ready for the intense discussion session.

Keep your cool and know your federal rights.  

Give them some time

Even you had years to get comfortable with being gay, lesbian or bisexual, then why are you expecting them to understand you immediately? Give people some time to digest the reality.

Know when and how to exit

It’s a real fact that many families are not going to welcome the news straight after you come out. Realize when its right time to make the exit from the argument, it’s important to let people know that you are at a stage of life where you don’t really care what everybody is thinking about you.  

What do women find attractive in a man

What do women find attractive? There so many things women look for in a man. Besides the looks and all, there are some inner qualities that women are drawn to. They will always look for these in a man.

Qualities that women are looking for in a man.


body builderWhat women look for is a man who shows strength. This can be both physical and emotional. The thing is, every woman wants a man he can rely on. We all need that shoulder to lean on. This is the reason why women find inner strength attractive.


Kindness is such an attractive quality. Who wants to be with an unkind person who ends up disrespecting you. Plus a kind man is a very selfless person. He will put your needs first and do whatever he can just to make you happy.


The one thing a man can do is to show his loyalty by being there for his woman.  Now loyal men usually show commitment to a relationship. A loyal man is a loving man and will always be there for his woman no matter what.


What do women find attractive in a sincere man? A sincere man is an honest man. This is the person who will always be true and tell you the truth. He will be open about everything. Be it about the relationship or finances. This is the kind of person you can trust their word.

What do women find attractive? Faithfulness

unfaithful manJust meeting a man doesn’t make you figure out that he is faithful. This, however, is something you can pinpoint. Did he give you all the attention you deserve when he met you? Were his eyes only on you or did he just come to you because someone else turned him down? Always go with your instincts as a woman.


Sometimes you just have to let go of the ones you love

break up

While couples counseling is important, sometimes you have to let go of a relationship.

When love into play, it can be hard to let go. It becomes even harder when you have been with someone for a long term. You develop ties that can’t be hard to cut off. But what if the relationship reaches a point where it’s detrimental or toxic.

See, most of the time the fear of moving on or being alone makes us hold on. You might be feeling that you have invested too much into the relationship to just let it all go away. Well, that isn’t a good mentality. See, the longer you keep holding on, the more time you keep wasting. Plus, being in a toxic relationship can be so draining. It will eat you up bit by bit. It’s time to toughen it up and take that step!

Why sometimes you have to let go

1. Abusive person

abusive spouse

If you are in a relationship with an abusive person, whether its verbal or physical, you need to rethink the whole relationship. It is not going to get any better. You will only be left physical and emotional scars. Violent behavior should never be excused.

2. Infidelity

Once someone abuses your trust and sleeps with someone else, whatever their excuse, you just have to break up with them. Rebuilding trust isn’t easy. You will forever be insecure in such a relationship. Plus, they never loved you enough to keep it in their pants anyway…

3. No physical attraction

Sometimes you have to let go because things are not the same. You might be loving this person but there is no physical attraction. You feel nothing even when they touch you. If the chemistry is completely gone, and you have done all you can to resuscitate it in no vain, let go…

Building your relationship to ensure it stays fresh and exciting!

happy interracial couple

Remember those first days in a relationship where everything seems so magical and sprinkled with glitter? Yeah, if you are some time in the relationship now that may indeed be a memory. The sprinkles of glitter have dried and the magic is starting to wear off? Well, here are some ways you can keep your relationship fresh and recover all that glitter and magic.

Use your phone!

Messages are a part of our daily lives. For sure. Why not use those messages to send some snippets of love? Try sending a text saying “I love you”, or “I miss you”. If you are an emoji user (like me) just send a heart emoji or a heart-eyed emoji. Or even a picture of you with a kissy face or something else – it’s up to you! Refreshing your day with a loving message is always nice but yet, it’s something many of us don’t utilise that often.

Do something! Together.

Find something new to add to your every-day life and do it with your partner. Maybe go to the gym, or try out some cooking classes together, plan weekly road trips etc. There are plenty of activities a couple could do to spend some more time together. This will create some together time besides the time you guys had already, but also this will allow both parties of the relationship to make some time for each other. Life is getting faster as time goes by and many of us forget to make time for our loved ones. A more committed approach to activities you can do as a couple will allow you both to plan ahead and make some time for each other. Another thing you could do as a couple that would bring you back together is try to create goals that you can achieve together. That will make you feel an obligation to strive towards a goal. For example, set a goal to live healthier and exercise together. Once you achieve that goal, celebrate together!

Think about your relationship once in a while.

Relationships can be fun and all that but it is also important to take some things seriously. For example there needs to be mutual commitment from both parties for a relationship to survive and be healthy. Just keep in mind that somethings such as living together, contributing to the household, money, and things vital to the relationships such as children and sex and all of that are things you always need to think about. Both parties need to be thinking about these.

Relationships are wonderful and it is one of the things that keep the world going. So, keeping your relationship alive and fresh is one of the best things you can do as a couple and definitely worth the effort.


Internet has introduced so many things to our lives. One of the things it brought to life is the opportunity to date online! Online dating has been around for some time now and it has evolved over the years. Nowadays it is more accepted than ever to have an online dating profile and searching for people to date online. Especially within the younger demographic. Since online dating has evolved and flourished, there are now ways to make the most out of online dating.

Be the most authentic you can be.

In a positive way, present yourself online as you would present yourself offline. Your dating profile is the first thing people online learn about you. That means that the information and the pictures you have on there are super important to the success of your online dating life.

Having a good picture on online dating websites is vital to your online dating profile. A simple smiling picture can go a long way. Imagine what you would want to show the people looking for your profile the first time. A great picture that shows your face and positivity since that is going to be the first thing of you that they will see.

In addition to the picture you will put on your profile for people to see, you will also have to boot some things in your bio as well. Imagine this section as the most important information about you that people should know. A good description of yourself can be the best way for people to

engage and start a conversation with you. It is a way for people to get to know an overview of yourself and give them the chance to feel free to send you a message to feel good being approached by you.

Be careful!

Just keep in mind that some information are better kept private. It is good to meet people online and very easy, but it is nevertheless still the internet! Be careful what you share with people online. For example, never share your phone when you meet people online. Imagine how important your phone is to you and ow bad it would be for a stranger to know your personal phone number.

Don’t give up

There are tons of people looking for another person online and the chance of finding the perfect person that fits the description you are looking for is very small. Just remember not to get discouraged when it doesn’t work out with one, or two or ten people at first. If you keep trying you may come across a person that is what you were looking for.

What Psychology Says about Relationships…

Love is one of the things in life that are very difficult to explain. People say that love is a mystery and no one knows how to control it. Some even say that love has a mind of its own. It can appear and disappear as it pleases.

Psychologists, try their best to decipher what love is and how it works. Over the past years, a lot of studies had been conducted for people to understand how love can be a key to a successful relationship. Here is what psychology says about relationships.

Half heart and half brainThe Brain Is Present

Love is used to be associated with the human heart. There are people who say that love is from the heart like how thoughts are from the brain. Actually, Love is a matter of both the brain and the heart. By using both, any person can know what they really want and what they really need in a relationship. Couples can work their way into their relationship without ruining the romance.

Re-Knowing Each Other Is Important

When a couple meets for the first time, they tend to know all about each other. At one point, the relationship becomes stable and monotonous. If this occurs, the stage of disagreements and arguments begins.

Psychology explains that the way to bring back the love and sparks in a relationship is to retrace the love mapping. This is done by updating yourself about the new things in your partner’s life. Whether, it is a new friend, hobby, or favorite, ask about it. Re-knowing your partner can reactivate the romance.

Kindness and Intimacy Can Revive Love

It is important in relationships to have kindness in it. After all, no one wants to be in a cruel relationship. Psychology says that adding a surprise to your act of kindness can spice up the relationship. Aside from love, intimacy must be continuously revived in the relationship to keep the spark alive.

asian white coupleListening Is A Necessity

Whether it is something good or bad, take the time to listen to your partner. Being a good confidant can make your partner want to be with you through thick and thin. Use those moments to strengthen your relationship.

We may not fully understand what love is. But knowing how to manage it is already a great step. Knowing how to revamp and fix your relationship can result in making your relationship successful. In the end, finding your way in love is all about what your brain and heart both want and needs.

When Couples Fall Out of Love…

couple huggingFalling in love is a great feeling. It is free and so easy to feel. Any person can easily fall in love. However, what is difficult in a love relationship? It is how love can remain in a relationship. Because let’s face facts, if falling in love is easy, falling out of love is as easy.

Can even the longest running relationship fall out of love? Yes, it can. There are many things that cause relationships to fall out of love and eventually, break up. Here are some reasons why couples fall out of love.

couple fightingLacking in Communication

Lack of communication is the biggest problem long distance relationships encounter. When couples do not talk to each other frequently can deteriorate the feeling of love. Another thing is when a partner or both cannot share or discuss something. In a relationship, it is normal for a couple to talk about anything. But if one or both of you refuse to share everything like problems and issues, limits are set and dissatisfaction starts boiling.

Taking for Granted

If a relationship seems invisible to the couple, then they are both taking each other for granted. They will feel like companions rather than lovers. This normally occurs when one or both started to become busy with the other things like work and career. This situation will definitely lead the couple to be lazy in their relationship.

Boredom Takes Over

When a couple no longer goes out on dates or even doing anything intimate, boredom will take over in their relationship. Both will find thrill somewhere else. They will start hanging out with other people. If this occurs, love is lost in them.


Lying can destroy any relationship, even a strong and romantic love relationship. However, dishonesty is not always about lying to your partner. It also includes withholding vital information about yourself. This can be either you lost your job, you had a fight with someone or anything similar. The worst thing can happen if your partner finds out about this information through someone else. He or she will feel betrayed and love will definitely falter.

couple yellingNot Love At All

A lot of couples mistaken lust and desire for love. Lust can generate passion and acceptance in a relationship, however, these are only short-lived. After the spark ended and reality sets in, the couple realizes that the attraction is gone. They will soon realize that their relationship is not what they thought it was. They will start fighting and eventually, lose commitment. These will ignite the other reasons on this list to appear in their relationship. They will eventually break up.

These mentioned reasons above are enough for a relationship to fall out of love. However, luckily, these reasons are preventable and fixable. Retracing how the relationship began can reignite how the couples fall in love in the first place. For the case of those who had mistaken lust for love, they can start over again and re-know each other. Open communication between both partners can solve any problem that can make their love fall out.

What Men Find Attractive In Women?

happy couple

A beautiful face and an amazing body may seem like the two things that men find really attractive in women. However, attractive women in the eyes of men are not always what is seen from the outside but these are also what is on the inside.There are qualities of women that make men want to be with them.

What do men find attractive in women? There are a lot of things actually. Men have different preferences but they agree with a lot of common things. Here are only some of those common things that they find appealing in women.

people laughingSense of Humor

Men like it when women laugh because of them. They find women extremely pretty when they are all out laughing. They also like it when women can crack their own good jokes. This quality will make men enjoy being with those women.


Men love it when women notice even the little things about themselves. Whether it is a new haircut or a new shirt, men love it when their women notice it. They had this feeling that their women really care about them and are really hook in their relationship.

Kind and Honest

Men do not like to be with any woman who is untrusted and mean. Even that woman is beautiful, if she is mean to his family and friends, he will definitely leave her. This kind of attitude will only cause problems in their relationships. A kind and honest woman can make any man stay.

Romantic and Loving

To keep a relationship alive it must have romance in it. Men love it when they are not the only ones who are romantic. They definitely find it very appealing if women initiate the romantic gestures. Whether it is extravagant like an amazing date night or as simple as holding his hand, men like it when women show them how much they love them.

Man and woman eating happilyIntelligent and Mature

No man wants to date a dumb and immature woman. They like women who can think their way in life. They like women who are responsible and will not back down in any situation. In their minds, this type of a woman is a keeper and good for the long-run.

A woman does not need a perfect face and body for a guy to like her. She needs to be beautiful from the inside. She must be just her true, unique, and good self. Her goodness can make any man fall in love with her.



Can Relationship Work After Break Up?

broken heart

Not all relationships last long. This is not only the case in short-term relationships but also in long-term relationships. Both men and women, at one point, can end a relationship. The most difficult break up of all is the break up of a serious and long-run relationship.

There are many reasons why relationships just fall apart in the end. But what if you still love him or her? You would want to get back together with your ex. But, you fear that it will just not end well again or it will not work. Can relationships work after break-up? Actually, it can. Here is how to make a relationship work after a breakup.

emotional woman#1 – Control Your Emotions

If your goal is to get your ex back, then begging him or her is not going to work. Being desperate, sad and angry will push him or her away. It is better to keep the crying and rollercoaster of emotions to yourself.

#2 – Give Him or Her Space

After the breakup, give him or her space. Do not call him or her. Do not communicate or look for him or her. The post breaks up will give him or her the time to think about your relationship and even doubt his or her decision of splitting from you. Bothering him or her will only solidify the reasons for your break up.

woman using computer#3 – Act Normal

Do not let the misery of your break up control your whole life. Show to the world that life goes on without him or her. Act like the break up did not affect the other aspect of your life. By doing this, you will make your ex think that you are fine without him.

#4 – Be Indifferent But Happy

If you ever meet each other, you can act like he or she is just another stranger. If he or she talks to you then just say “hi” then go. If he or she is with his or her new love interest, then pull out the “I’m happy for you” card with a very bright smile. By doing this, your ex will feel really bothered.

sad man thinking#5 – Have a Strategic Plan

If your ex comes up to you and says that he or she wants to get back with you too, then set strategic plan. You have to make sure that the reasons that made you split will not resurface the second time around. Make sure to always be open with each other and no more lies. You must also practice commitment to rebuild the trust. Most of all, take it slowly but surely.

If all of these steps were done successfully, you will surely get the magic back in your relationship. The break up just only made your relationship stronger and even better than before. However, if one or more of these tips did not go as plan, it is best to just let it go. Not all relationships can be rekindled. Just know that if this relationship did not work, there will always be something better in store for you.

Where People Are Actually Meeting Their Partners Today?

online dating

No one wants to be alone. That is why people look for their partners that will be their companion and someone who they can share their time and even their whole life with. There are people who search far and wide in order to find that person. They go to malls, bars and everywhere just to meet other people and find their significant other.

Nowadays, due to the presence of the Internet, online dating had become very common. There are a lot of free dating sites where you can meet people. You can chat with them and even plan a meet-up.

woman flirting onlineWhy People Prefer Online Dating?

Many people had been preferring this medium rather than the traditional dating. Here are some reasons why.

  • International Choices – You can meet people of different races: Asians, Latinos, Black, White, Africans and much more.
  • Time Convenience – People can just chat and message their date anywhere and anytime and they can also do this while doing something else.
  • Sortable Options -You can set your standards like age, race likes and more to shorten your list of profiles without even communicating with them.
  • Safer than Offline – Dating sites run background checks among all users, take user reports seriously, and take down the account of any suspicious user to ensure the safety of all.

Both men and women relate to at least one of these reasons that is why they tried online dating. In fact, America alone has 40 million online daters. 20% of these people had found a long-term and committed relationship through online dating.

According to surveys, there are more men than women in online dating sites. These men and women have different intentions. Surprisingly, these intentions serve as a common denominator that categorizes them.

man dating site5 Most Common Types Of Men

There are many guys out there in the virtual world of dating. Here are the five most common types of men a woman might encounter in online dating sites.

The Player

This guy simply wants to test every woman he finds attractive. He enjoys dating multiple women online. But once you are taking a more commitment thing on your relationship, he will suddenly tell you that it is not working and will cut you off fast.

The Fuckboy

These guys are not only present in real life but are even more notorious online. They will normally start off like any nice dude then they will suddenly start talking indecently. Sexualize messages and even a photo of his private parts will soon appear in your chatbox. These guys are definitely looking for an easy lay for their sexual satisfaction.

The Cheater

He will seem like just another ordinary guy looking for his special someone. Then later, you will find out that he already has a girlfriend or even a wife. He is just looking for an extra just so he can remove the fed-up feeling he feels for his current partner.

The Sugar Daddy

He is an old guy who is looking for a younger woman to be his girlfriend. He promises to give this woman all the material things of this world that she desires in exchange for being with him. Surprisingly, there are women who engage with these guys. However, not all online sugar daddies are rich.

The Contender

He is the one with good intentions. He could be the guy you are looking for. The downside? He is extremely shy. He will immediately delete his profile if women started to get too chirpy on him.

5 Most Common Types of Women

As for the guys, there are plenty of women in the sea of online dating. If you plan to test them all, then you will find these five most common types of women in there.

The Cliche

These women will say the most typical things women will say in her profile. The most annoying thing about them is that they do not act normal. It will feel like you’re talking to someone whose words are scripted just to get your attention.

The Hot Chick

All of the pictures in her profile is her in a two-piece bathing suit. She wants you to know that she is freaking hot. Usually, this type of girl is looking for a guy to satisfy her.

The Nerd

She is a Miss Know-It-All. She had probably read more books than you. Most of her pictures are herself wearing glasses and reading books. If you are looking for someone sensible to talk to, then you hit the jackpot.

The Lesbian

Do not judge the girl by her profile picture! These girls are almost similar to the Hot Chick. The difference? She is a lesbian. It is better to read her profile first before messaging her.

The Religious & Dirty

She looks so innocent. Based on her pictures and profile, she is really a religious woman. However, after a few times talking to her, she will suddenly show her true self. She is a sex-craved flirtatious woman looking for a secret sex buddy.

The time when online dating is a taboo had ended. With many free dating sites available, you only need to choose one, set up a profile and start mingling. For those who are shy for real life dating then online dating will help you with your self-esteem. Anybody can meet their partners with this tool.