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Are Couples Suppose To Argue?

A couple’s relationship is not all the time the sweet lovey-dovey one. No matter how similar and agreeable the couple is to one another, they will fight at one point. Is it normal for a couple to fight? Yes, it is. However, it is not a bad sign in a relationship. It is actually a good one.

Why Do Couples Fight?

There are many reasons actually. But, the most common reasons and some situations why couples fight about that are as follows:

man and woman fightingMoney

  • He or She spends too much or recklessly.
  • He or She is so strict with spending.
  • He or She earns more than the other.

Extended Family

  • He or She feels like the house is overcrowded if the in-laws live with them.
  • He or She thinks their privacy as couples is compromised.
  • His or Her extended family do not get along with her or him.
  • His or Her extended family snoops in their relationship and personal issues.


  • He or She does too much housework and she or he is not helping around.
  • He or She contributes avoidable extra housework.
  • He or She feels underappreciated with his or her work around the house.

Physical Intimacy

  • He or She spends most of his or her time with work and kids than her or him.
  • He or She is too tired to get intimate with the other.
  • He or She feels that their relationship is losing physical intimacy.
  • He or She neglects the needs of his or her significant other.

But even though that is the case, a couple’s relationship is strengthened by these arguments.

 angry couple on deckHow Are Couples Fighting A Good Sign?

Below are some ways how fighting with one another is a good sign in a couple’s relationship and why they are supposed to fight.

They Are Comfortable With One Another

If he or she can stand up against his or her partner, it means he or she is not afraid of his significant other. It also signifies that he or she will not keep silent and later on walk out the door. He or She will stay and talked about their differences. This also means that they are well-suited to each other. They will not end things because of some choices they made.

Their Passion For Each Other Is Deep-Rooted

When a couple fights one another, their passion is very deep-rooted. He or She will not fight her or him if he or she is not passionate about her or him, their relationship, and the problems that come with their relationship. The best part of their fight is the aftermath. It simply means that the harder they fight, the sweeter they make up. If they often fight, they often have sweet makeup moments.

They Respect One Another

Arguments are not always a shouting competition. It is actually an intense discussion of their different views. This means both him and her are strong-willed people. They are not dependent or submissive to the opinions of the other. Couples must agree to disagree meaning they should stand their own ground while accepting the other despite his or her views. Meeting halfway is usually the solution.

They Want To Solve Their Problems Together

He or She will not raise the argument if he or she does not want to solve their problems together. If he or she kept silent or solve the problem on his or her own, this will not solve the problem completely. It can only be beneficial to one side and will, later on, destroy the relationship. Couple must be together from thick to thin.

Are couples supposed to argue? Yes. Arguments make their relationship stronger and healthier. Why do couples fight? Whether it is something important or anything ridiculous, if they truly love each other, they will find ways to amend it. With their love, they can conquer any hurdle in their relationship.

Why Women Love Black Men

sexy black man

When it comes to white women dating black men, there are many reasons for this preference. It is not a good thing or a bad thing – it’s simply a choice that some white women have. The primary reason that a white woman will be in a relationship with a black man has to do with desire. No female (regardless of color) is going to date a man that she is not attracted to. Most females have options. Many would not be with a guy if she could definitely get something better. So, if a white woman is with a black man, it is because she really wants to be with him. While there are exceptions to this rule, this is usually the case.

White women are also curious about black men sexually. Strange as this might seem, many white females want to know if the myth is true about a black man’s sexuality. The saying that all black men are well endowed is something that peaks many white women’s curiosity. While this might or might not be true, not all black men are sexual studs in bed. A white woman will have to make that determination after she has been sexually with a few black men.

Black men are also viewed as more aggressive than men from other races. Is this true? Maybe or maybe not. Black people have a mentality that seems like it is more aggressive and domineering in their behavior. However, that does not mean that all black men will destroy things and beat people up just because they display this behavior. White women are attracted to hyper masculinity just like any other female.

The main reason why white women like black men has to do with two people wanting to be with each other. Strange as this might seem, there are plenty of black and white people who find each other to be attractive. A white woman dating a black man in this day and time is no big deal. If a black guy is what she wants then more power to her. There is absolutely nothing wrong with her decision to date a black a man.