couple huggingFalling in love is a great feeling. It is free and so easy to feel. Any person can easily fall in love. However, what is difficult in a love relationship? It is how love can remain in a relationship. Because let’s face facts, if falling in love is easy, falling out of love is as easy.

Can even the longest running relationship fall out of love? Yes, it can. There are many things that cause relationships to fall out of love and eventually, break up. Here are some reasons why couples fall out of love.

couple fightingLacking in Communication

Lack of communication is the biggest problem long distance relationships encounter. When couples do not talk to each other frequently can deteriorate the feeling of love. Another thing is when a partner or both cannot share or discuss something. In a relationship, it is normal for a couple to talk about anything. But if one or both of you refuse to share everything like problems and issues, limits are set and dissatisfaction starts boiling.

Taking for Granted

If a relationship seems invisible to the couple, then they are both taking each other for granted. They will feel like companions rather than lovers. This normally occurs when one or both started to become busy with the other things like work and career. This situation will definitely lead the couple to be lazy in their relationship.

Boredom Takes Over

When a couple no longer goes out on dates or even doing anything intimate, boredom will take over in their relationship. Both will find thrill somewhere else. They will start hanging out with other people. If this occurs, love is lost in them.


Lying can destroy any relationship, even a strong and romantic love relationship. However, dishonesty is not always about lying to your partner. It also includes withholding vital information about yourself. This can be either you lost your job, you had a fight with someone or anything similar. The worst thing can happen if your partner finds out about this information through someone else. He or she will feel betrayed and love will definitely falter.

couple yellingNot Love At All

A lot of couples mistaken lust and desire for love. Lust can generate passion and acceptance in a relationship, however, these are only short-lived. After the spark ended and reality sets in, the couple realizes that the attraction is gone. They will soon realize that their relationship is not what they thought it was. They will start fighting and eventually, lose commitment. These will ignite the other reasons on this list to appear in their relationship. They will eventually break up.

These mentioned reasons above are enough for a relationship to fall out of love. However, luckily, these reasons are preventable and fixable. Retracing how the relationship began can reignite how the couples fall in love in the first place. For the case of those who had mistaken lust for love, they can start over again and re-know each other. Open communication between both partners can solve any problem that can make their love fall out.