A beautiful face and an amazing body may seem like the two things that men find really attractive in women. However, attractive women in the eyes of men are not always what is seen from the outside but these are also what is on the inside.There are qualities of women that make men want to be with them.

What do men find attractive in women? There are a lot of things actually. Men have different preferences but they agree with a lot of common things. Here are only some of those common things that they find appealing in women.

people laughingSense of Humor

Men like it when women laugh because of them. They find women extremely pretty when they are all out laughing. They also like it when women can crack their own good jokes. This quality will make men enjoy being with those women.


Men love it when women notice even the little things about themselves. Whether it is a new haircut or a new shirt, men love it when their women notice it. They had this feeling that their women really care about them and are really hook in their relationship.

Kind and Honest

Men do not like to be with any woman who is untrusted and mean. Even that woman is beautiful, if she is mean to his family and friends, he will definitely leave her. This kind of attitude will only cause problems in their relationships. A kind and honest woman can make any man stay.

Romantic and Loving

To keep a relationship alive it must have romance in it. Men love it when they are not the only ones who are romantic. They definitely find it very appealing if women initiate the romantic gestures. Whether it is extravagant like an amazing date night or as simple as holding his hand, men like it when women show them how much they love them.

Man and woman eating happilyIntelligent and Mature

No man wants to date a dumb and immature woman. They like women who can think their way in life. They like women who are responsible and will not back down in any situation. In their minds, this type of a woman is a keeper and good for the long-run.

A woman does not need a perfect face and body for a guy to like her. She needs to be beautiful from the inside. She must be just her true, unique, and good self. Her goodness can make any man fall in love with her.