No one wants to be alone. That is why people look for their partners that will be their companion and someone who they can share their time and even their whole life with. There are people who search far and wide in order to find that person. They go to malls, bars and everywhere just to meet other people and find their significant other.

Nowadays, due to the presence of the Internet, online dating had become very common. There are a lot of free dating sites where you can meet people. You can chat with them and even plan a meet-up.

woman flirting onlineWhy People Prefer Online Dating?

Many people had been preferring this medium rather than the traditional dating. Here are some reasons why.

  • International Choices – You can meet people of different races: Asians, Latinos, Black, White, Africans and much more.
  • Time Convenience – People can just chat and message their date anywhere and anytime and they can also do this while doing something else.
  • Sortable Options -You can set your standards like age, race likes and more to shorten your list of profiles without even communicating with them.
  • Safer than Offline – Dating sites run background checks among all users, take user reports seriously, and take down the account of any suspicious user to ensure the safety of all.

Both men and women relate to at least one of these reasons that is why they tried online dating. In fact, America alone has 40 million online daters. 20% of these people had found a long-term and committed relationship through online dating.

According to surveys, there are more men than women in online dating sites. These men and women have different intentions. Surprisingly, these intentions serve as a common denominator that categorizes them.

man dating site5 Most Common Types Of Men

There are many guys out there in the virtual world of dating. Here are the five most common types of men a woman might encounter in online dating sites.

The Player

This guy simply wants to test every woman he finds attractive. He enjoys dating multiple women online. But once you are taking a more commitment thing on your relationship, he will suddenly tell you that it is not working and will cut you off fast.

The Fuckboy

These guys are not only present in real life but are even more notorious online. They will normally start off like any nice dude then they will suddenly start talking indecently. Sexualize messages and even a photo of his private parts will soon appear in your chatbox. These guys are definitely looking for an easy lay for their sexual satisfaction.

The Cheater

He will seem like just another ordinary guy looking for his special someone. Then later, you will find out that he already has a girlfriend or even a wife. He is just looking for an extra just so he can remove the fed-up feeling he feels for his current partner.

The Sugar Daddy

He is an old guy who is looking for a younger woman to be his girlfriend. He promises to give this woman all the material things of this world that she desires in exchange for being with him. Surprisingly, there are women who engage with these guys. However, not all online sugar daddies are rich.

The Contender

He is the one with good intentions. He could be the guy you are looking for. The downside? He is extremely shy. He will immediately delete his profile if women started to get too chirpy on him.

5 Most Common Types of Women

As for the guys, there are plenty of women in the sea of online dating. If you plan to test them all, then you will find these five most common types of women in there.

The Cliche

These women will say the most typical things women will say in her profile. The most annoying thing about them is that they do not act normal. It will feel like you’re talking to someone whose words are scripted just to get your attention.

The Hot Chick

All of the pictures in her profile is her in a two-piece bathing suit. She wants you to know that she is freaking hot. Usually, this type of girl is looking for a guy to satisfy her.

The Nerd

She is a Miss Know-It-All. She had probably read more books than you. Most of her pictures are herself wearing glasses and reading books. If you are looking for someone sensible to talk to, then you hit the jackpot.

The Lesbian

Do not judge the girl by her profile picture! These girls are almost similar to the Hot Chick. The difference? She is a lesbian. It is better to read her profile first before messaging her.

The Religious & Dirty

She looks so innocent. Based on her pictures and profile, she is really a religious woman. However, after a few times talking to her, she will suddenly show her true self. She is a sex-craved flirtatious woman looking for a secret sex buddy.

The time when online dating is a taboo had ended. With many free dating sites available, you only need to choose one, set up a profile and start mingling. For those who are shy for real life dating then online dating will help you with your self-esteem. Anybody can meet their partners with this tool.