tips for first date

Dating has become a fast-paced game, while most of the couples meet through the online dating sites it has become more important to have the best impression on the first date.

Since your first date is going to be the deciding factor of your dating life, let’s go through important tips that will help you achieve success.  

Be on time

First and foremost thing that you need to take care of is to be on time, being late on a date is a instant turn-off. Being on time describes your interest and sincerity in meeting the person. Try to reach before the time at least 5-10 minute.

Plan the venue

This is something most of the guys ignore, they take their date on the random place and ruin everything.

Planning plays an important part in the success of the first date, how to plan the venue of date.

  • Know about the interest of person you are about to meet.
  • If she is a fitness freak then you can plan a hiking trip, if she loves party then plan a date at some decent bar.
  • My best suggestion to have the first date is a coffee bar, it’s a perfect place to spark some interesting communication.
  • Plan a place which is quite, it allows you to have a detailed conversation without any disturbance.

Dress to impress

Don’t take your dressing for granted, you are going on your first date with someone, never wear a casual cloth.

Put your best outfit on the display, wear some nice cologne, trim your facial hairs, wear a nice pair of shoes that complement your outfit.

tips for first date

Buy a small gift

Buying a gift is a old school gesture which will never get old. It’s not about the cost of the gift; it’s about your antiquate.

You can either buy some flower or something cute.

Maintain sexual tension

We are not asking you to grope her, instead maintain good eye contact and attractive body language. Men who master the technique of creating sexual tension are more likely to succeed in their first date.


Do some research before you go on a date, a few things that you can talk about. Many dates end with an awkward silence because you have nothing to talk about. Research about her education, likes, dislikes, and then initiate the conversation.

My favorite way to keep the conversation going is having a rapid-fire round, this allows you to know each other better in a friendly way.

Post date communication

Post date communication is very important, let her know how you felt about her and anything you want to say.

No communication after the date will give her the idea that you didn’t really like her company.