While couples counseling is important, sometimes you have to let go of a relationship.

When love into play, it can be hard to let go. It becomes even harder when you have been with someone for a long term. You develop ties that can’t be hard to cut off. But what if the relationship reaches a point where it’s detrimental or toxic.

See, most of the time the fear of moving on or being alone makes us hold on. You might be feeling that you have invested too much into the relationship to just let it all go away. Well, that isn’t a good mentality. See, the longer you keep holding on, the more time you keep wasting. Plus, being in a toxic relationship can be so draining. It will eat you up bit by bit. It’s time to toughen it up and take that step!

Why sometimes you have to let go

1. Abusive person

abusive spouse

If you are in a relationship with an abusive person, whether its verbal or physical, you need to rethink the whole relationship. It is not going to get any better. You will only be left physical and emotional scars. Violent behavior should never be excused.

2. Infidelity

Once someone abuses your trust and sleeps with someone else, whatever their excuse, you just have to break up with them. Rebuilding trust isn’t easy. You will forever be insecure in such a relationship. Plus, they never loved you enough to keep it in their pants anyway…

3. No physical attraction

Sometimes you have to let go because things are not the same. You might be loving this person but there is no physical attraction. You feel nothing even when they touch you. If the chemistry is completely gone, and you have done all you can to resuscitate it in no vain, let go…