Same sex discussion

Coming out as a gay, lesbian or bisexual can be a very difficult experience, some of the people take many years to accept their sexual orientation.
Many people need to understand that pretending to be someone else is not the solution and someday you will be required to come out of the closet.
Let’s discuss the right ways to make people aware of your sexuality in a planned manner.

Come out when you are not pressured

Everyone should come out in their own time, if you still feel the pressure of people yelling at you then it’s not the right time for you. Coming out is all about you, it’s about your freedom to sexual preferences.

Same sex discussion

Timing is important

So you have decided to come out about your sexual preferences, but the timing of your announcement if important.

The right time is when your family is in the right mindset, maybe you just had a good dinner together or just spent quality time; right timing will make them understand you in a better way.

Start with one person

If you belong to the orthodox family then it might not be a good choice to come out in public, instead, start with one person.

Select the most supportive member of the family or just share it with your best friend, so that you will get the courage to discuss the matter in front of someone. You can either come out in front of your mother, sibling, father or any other member who understands you best. That one person is going to support you and will convince others to support you.

Stay calm, no matter what.

Be ready for your family to be angry, family members will be in shock and might behave differently. You need to understand the importance of staying calm and be ready for the intense discussion session.

Keep your cool and know your federal rights.  

Give them some time

Even you had years to get comfortable with being gay, lesbian or bisexual, then why are you expecting them to understand you immediately? Give people some time to digest the reality.

Know when and how to exit

It’s a real fact that many families are not going to welcome the news straight after you come out. Realize when its right time to make the exit from the argument, it’s important to let people know that you are at a stage of life where you don’t really care what everybody is thinking about you.