Guys have their own definition of attractive girls and it’s really difficult to predict the exact things that will attract a lot of men.

Let’s talk about some of the common personality traits that guys find attractive. While men preferences have changed a lot and you should update yourself with the personality traits that most of the men find attractive.  

Physical symmetry:

One thing that most of the women are not concerned about is the physical symmetry, most of the women are concerned about the fat% and curviness but one thing that you should definitely be concerned about it the symmetry of your body.

For example, long women require two develop better curves to look symmetrical and shorter girls are required to develop less curvy body and should concentrate on the overall toned body. Body symmetry has a psychological effect on the first impression.

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Genuine personality:

Today, people are more inclined towards social media platforms and they pretend to live someone else’s life, but most of the men still appreciate the women with genuine personality. Most of the men won’t care about the number of followers you have on Instagram.  


Red is a color of seduction and has been scientifically proven to be aphrodisiac.  

Its been proven that men are naturally attracted towards women wearing red, so forget about wearing those short dresses instead concentrate on wearing something stunningly red to attract many eyeballs.

How you take care of yourself

If you know how to take care of yourself and how to get your shit done then congratulations you are eligible to attract any guy.

Guys love to date confident women who don’t believe in throwing tantrums but the women who believe in taking responsibility and support her man.

Adventure is not just for men

Adventure isn’t just for men, a survey conducted by dating website gave some stunning results, they found that women who mentioned some adventurous hobbies in their profile bio and pictures were more likely to get more matches.

This is simply because of the adventurous behavior of men, men love to hang out with women who are not afraid to do crazy things with them.   

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Confidence is one of the sexiest personality trait men find in women, although there are some men who like to dominate women, yet most of the women love to be with confident women.

You don’t need to be perfect

Imperfection is beautiful and you need to understand this, real men don’t want you to be perfect. Stay what you are and display your real character, this is the best way to find someone who can get into a long-term relationship with you.