What do women find attractive? There so many things women look for in a man. Besides the looks and all, there are some inner qualities that women are drawn to. They will always look for these in a man.

Qualities that women are looking for in a man.


body builderWhat women look for is a man who shows strength. This can be both physical and emotional. The thing is, every woman wants a man he can rely on. We all need that shoulder to lean on. This is the reason why women find inner strength attractive.


Kindness is such an attractive quality. Who wants to be with an unkind person who ends up disrespecting you. Plus a kind man is a very selfless person. He will put your needs first and do whatever he can just to make you happy.


The one thing a man can do is to show his loyalty by being there for his woman.  Now loyal men usually show commitment to a relationship. A loyal man is a loving man and will always be there for his woman no matter what.


What do women find attractive in a sincere man? A sincere man is an honest man. This is the person who will always be true and tell you the truth. He will be open about everything. Be it about the relationship or finances. This is the kind of person you can trust their word.

What do women find attractive? Faithfulness

unfaithful manJust meeting a man doesn’t make you figure out that he is faithful. This, however, is something you can pinpoint. Did he give you all the attention you deserve when he met you? Were his eyes only on you or did he just come to you because someone else turned him down? Always go with your instincts as a woman.