There has been an alarming rise in youth anxiety in the past decade or so. This is prominent among teenagers. More parents and schools are forced to take their kids to therapy. One psychotherapist, college lecturer says that this is the reason people of all ages visit her for counseling.

Whatever the reasons, here are a few that we feel have highly contributed to this rise lately.

Reasons why there is an increase in anxiety experienced by the youth

Parents giving undeserved praise

Growing up, it was very hard to get a “thank you” or even a “good job” from my parents. These days, kids even demand that praise. And after reading parenting books about praise, some parents give it aimlessly to their kids while they are small even when they don’t deserve it. As they grow up and the parents stop the praises, the teens start feeling like they are not being given enough attention and appreciation – hence the youth anxiety.

Electronic distractions and lack of outdoor play time  

disengaged teens

Everyone is hiding behind the smartphones and video games. Kids are used to them that they don’t have time to go outside and mingle with their peers. Parents hand them to their kids so that the kids stop disturbing them. So bad behavior these days is rewarded with smartphones. Parents are also absorbed in them that they don’t even notice when there is some behavioral changes in their kids. So when they are in school where they are not allowed to use them, they find it hard to cope with any emotions they have. These gadgets have made kids lack the emotional skills required to cope with life.

Parents have contributed to youth anxiety by protecting as opposed to guiding

Parents these days are so protective of their children. Even when a kid is punished in school, a parent will rush there and complain or even sue the school. This makes the kids grow up knowing that they are always right. So anytime they find a teacher who picks up on them because of bad behavior, they feel as though the teacher is being unfair and just likes to pick on them.